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Different Movie Genres and Their Effect After a Breakup

You may need a distraction if you've recently broken up with a loved one. Movies are some of the most potent forms of distraction there are. For two glorious hours, you'll completely forget that your girlfriend or boyfriend left you for another man or woman — or will you?

You should choose wisely when selecting a movie genre, as not all genres are created equally. These are some of the top categories and how they may affect your emotional health:

Slasher Horror

You'll probably want to avoid getting into these types of movies when you're angry with someone for doing you wrong. Not that you'll act out what you see in the movie, but watching such a film can make you more likely to think about your ex negatively. You'll want to watch movies that captivate you and help you ignite positive energy.


The comedy genre is probably the most influential genre if you're trying to cheer yourself up or forget about something negative. It will most likely make you laugh a few good times, and laughter can boost your serotonin and do some other helpful alterations to your mindset.

You won't be able to avoid feeling good while you watch a high-quality comedy. You'll have to ensure that it is a high-quality comedy, though. Nothing is worse than sitting through two hours of unfunny comedy while you're nursing an emotional wound. Therefore, you must be careful to order movies with actors you enjoy.


Romance is one of those genres that can go both ways. It can give you a positive experience if it involves a lot of hope, compassion, and happiness. On the other hand, it might remind you that you don't currently have such a relationship, and the thoughts can be brutal.

Thus, you should probably go with a different genre until you feel stronger. You don't want to set yourself off or start ruminating on what happened to you. You can enjoy a good romance movie later when you meet the love of your life. It's not over for you yet, so don't give up.


Romantic comedies are more likely to lift your spirit because they have a high comedy element. They'll make you laugh at least once. The characters in the story might have some challenges, but the funny elements in the story usually overshadow those difficulties. Thus, you want to browse an excellent online DVD store to find some Rom-Coms you can watch and rewatch whenever you need a lift.

Distracting yourself is only a tool for the healing process, however. You should spend some time working through the trauma with a trusted support person or journaling process. The more negative experiences you release, the more positive ones can enter your life.

Think about each type of movie and decide whether watching it will be beneficial to you. You can visit a reliable DVD warehouse and order your favorite flicks today if the answer is yes. Stay within the recommended genres, and you could experience an awesome distraction.

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