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Getting the Most Out of Your DVDs

There are many ways to enjoy family time. A nice dinner and a movie or a binge of the family favorite TV show remains one of the popular options for family night. Cuddling on the couch with a bowl of popcorn or favorite snacks is a perfect night for many people. But where can you find good movies and TV shows without the hassle of paying for streaming services and fighting ads and such with cable and regular television? The simple solution is to buy your shows and keep your DVD library filled with classics and the latest movies and shows.

DVD Nationwide is a great option for fast and easy access to the best DVD options Canada has to offer. With selections including TV shows, new releases, children’s shows, classics, and more, this site has everything you could want. From Blu-Ray copies of popular movies to complete season box sets of popular shows, there is something for everyone to enjoy here. With reasonable prices, fast and reliable delivery, and a wide variety of options there is something for every member of the family to fall in love with and enjoy!

But what about once you get the collection built up and that impressive variety of DVDs becomes a bit much to store and care for? How can you make sure your DVDs stay in tip top shape and work their best when you pop them into your DVD player? Here are some simple Do’s and Don’ts that are worth keeping in mind:


  1. Handle discs by center hole or the edge, only touch the side with a label.

  2. Use felt-tip markers, not hard point pens, on the label side of the disc.

  3. Keep dirt and dust off the disc and avoid dropping or getting overly dirty.

  4. Store discs in their boxes or a specially made DVD/CD padded case.

  5. Return discs back to boxes or cases right after use to avoid scratching them.

  6. Leave discs and packages in a climate-controlled area when possible.

  7. Keep discs in a cool dry area out of direct sun and high heat conditions.

  8. Remove dirt, fingerprints, etc. with a soft dry cloth and gentle wiping.

  9. Use a CD/DVD formulated cleaning mix to touch dirt and residue if needed.

  10. Check the disc surface and wipe off if needed before use in any DVD player.

Do not:

  1. Touch the engraved shiny surface of the disc for any reason.

  2. Bend the disc or put any kind of pressure on it that may crack or break it.

  3. Use adhesive or sticky labels not designed for or included with the disc.

  4. Store discs horizontally over long periods of time.

  5. Expose discs to any sort of environmental extreme such as light or heat.

  6. Keep DVDs in an area that experience rapid changes in temp or humidity.

  7. Expose recordable discs to magnets or direct electrical currents.

  8. Write or mark on the readable non-label side of the DVD for any reason.

  9. Clean with a circular pattern or excessive pressure or force.

  10. Keep DVDs stacked disc to disc outside of their package or storage cases.

With these basic tips, and the availability provided by DVD Nationwide, you have everything you need to make movie night the family’s favorite day of the week again!

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